Golfers Guide To Mental Fitness

How To Train Your Mind And Achieve Your Goals Using Self-Hypnosis and Visualization

The competitive edge in golf is much closer than you fact you are using it right now and it can be found right between your ears.  The thing that unites all the great golfers throughout history is not similarities in their swing, they all possessed a strong, positive mind.  It is a well known fact that the mind influences a golfer’s level of performance.  You hear the mental game emphasized in press conferences and interviews with the players, and the frequent remarks from the commentators during tournament broadcasts on TV.  You know the pros are doing mental training, but have probably wondered “What are they REALLY doing?” Many believe the mind of an elite golfer is some sort of natural gift that some possess and other don’t.  In reality, the mind of a champion is not a natural gift but one that is developed, cultivated, and trained through mental fitness tools and techniques.

Your mind influences your performance on every shot, your mental attitude, direction of your focus, present moment awareness, your level of confidence, your ability to cope with pressure, and much more. The GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS is the user manual to the golfer’s mind that reveals actual tools and techniques for harnessing the power between your ears. It dives into the science and drills required to take total control of your conscious, and subconscious mind,  to accelerate skill acquisition, develop a winning attitude, and increase receptivity to positive ideas and suggestions.  Plus, it pushes beyond all other common mental training techniques and explains the truth about - golf hypnosis.   


This book provides you a wealth of information and was designed to develop along with you throughout your golf career whether professional or recreational.  There is so much information and so many techniques it would be impossible to do it all the first time through.  It is the type of book that each time you pick up you will learn something new and discover new ways to apply the techniques in your golf game.  It isn’t a question of if the mind influences performance, it is a known fact that it does.  The time is now to empower your mind, perform better, and go low!

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